We love carnivorous plants.

In 2019 we created the Instagram account “Carnivorousplant_club” to show the people out there how many beautiful, mysterious, exotic and rare carnivores there are. We noticed that many people did not know about this variety of species, most of them only knew about the Venus flytrap. Many people were accompanied from the beginning. The community has grown rapidly and by mid 2020 we have reached 50.000 followers.
We are looking forward to continue exploring the wonderful world of carnivores with you.

Our Goal:

We want to support the carnivore community, there are many private and small nurseries which deserve much more attention. Because of them there are always new hybrids to discover. They also contribute to the preservation of these beautiful plants. In the near future we will introduce various plant breeders and show you where you can buy carnivorous plants in your area.

The biodiversity of these plants is impressive and wonderful so we should do everything to preserve this beautiful part of nature.

If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to contact us.

Thomas Carow Spezialgärtnerei für Karnivoren
The picture was taken during a visit to the nursery of Thomas Carow.