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Find a carnivorous plant nursery near me – Bug eating plant shops

Find nurseries and shops for carnivorous plants using our interactive Carnivorous Plant Seller Map. The map will be updated regularly, but we cannot guarantee the local availability of a carnivore assortment. Contact us, if you are missing an entry or would you like to change/remove your address? Before you plan your visit to the respective store, we recommend informing yourself in advance. Check out the carnivores plant map and find carnivorous plants for sale.

How to care for Carnivorous Plants?

Carnivorous plants are not easy to cultivate as indoor plants and you should know about the respective requirements of the different species. The most important parameters in terms of keeping and care are air humidity, nutrient requirements, light and temperature.

Venus Flytraps Carnivorous Plants

A list of all carnivorous plant nurseries from the map:
(80 in total)

Green Jaws – Fachgärtnerei für fleischfressende Pflanzen
California Carnivores 10% off with the code “cp-club”
Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Fangblatt – Karnivorenshop
Carnivor-plants Der Fachversand für fleischfressende Pflanzen
Carni Flora BV
Plantas Carnivoras
Carnivorous plants CarniMundo
Viva Flor Floricultura
Carnivoras Florencio Varela
Vivero Planto Luego Existo
Plantas carnívoras Mar del Plata
Flytrap Plantas Carnívoras
Sherwood Garden Centre
Cultivo Carnivores – Online carnivorous plant nursery
Hecker Nursery
Greener Tidings Garden Centre
Eckards Garden Pavilion
Stodels Garden Centre – Milnerton
Cape Garden Center
Sloner Gardening Ltd.
Flowers Grsiani
Forest Studios
South West Carnivorous Plants
Triffid Nurseries
Rooneysflytraps and carnivorous plants
Urban Plant Life
Casla Gardening
Vegetalement carnivore
Un Angolo di Deserto
Plantas Carnívoras México
Plantas Carnívoras- Oasis Citadino
Plantas Carnivoras Celaya
Plantas Carnívoras México (Carnivoritas MX)
Plantas Carnívoras Acámbaro
Jardín de plantas Carnívoras “mundo vivo”
Plantas Carnívoras El Salvador
Carnivorous Plant Nursery
Carnivorous Plants
Mickey Hargitay Plants
West Coast Carnivorous Nursery
City Floral Garden Center
California Carnivores
Highway 92 Succulents
Cornelius Nursery
Predatory Plants
Gethsemane Garden Center
City Floral Garden Center
Swansons Nursery
California Carnivores
Little Plant Shop
Indoor Sun Shoppe
Chiem Exotics
Krabi Carnivore Ton Sunya
Lasyba Carnivores
Fayetteville Fly Traps
West Coast Carnivorous Nursery – webshop met vleesetende planten – Killian Dupont
Insectivorous garden
Gaia Plantas Carnívoras
Rainbow Carnivorous Plants Nursery
Tanaman Karnivora dan Orchid
Hanns Carnivorous Plants Nursery
Wouter Noordeloos
Taerwe tropicals
Whitewood on Main
Lost World Exotics

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