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Interview with Jeremiah Harris

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Jeremiah. I have been obsessed with Carnivorous Plants since I was 5 years old. I founded the Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society in February 2003 with the hope to meet other carnivorous plant enthusiasts. In addition to growing CPs, I enjoy traveling around the world to see plants in the wild. I hold one of the largest private collections of CPs in the USA.

What’s your favorite plant and why?

Nepenthes rajah has been my favorite plant since I saw in on the back of an orchid newsletter when I was about 8 years old. 

Jeremiah Harris Nepenthes Rajah

What first sparked your interest for carnivores?

When I first got a Carnivorous Plant when i was 5 years old I sat out in the yard all day waiting for it to catch a fly and when it finally did it blew my mind!

What’s your best tip for growing carnivores?

I find light is by far the biggest most important thing to consider when growing Carnivorous Plant’s. If you can get the light right that will go along way for the health of your plants.

What if you don’t have a green thumb? What’s the hardest carnivorous plant to kill?

Utricularia subulata. 

What has been your biggest failure/learning experience in your garden/greenhouse?

Not having a backup heater and alarm in my first greenhouse. A thermostat malfunctioned in my freezer grow chamber in 2008 and killed a lot of rare plants. 

What challenges do you face in your specific area/country/climate? And have you found a “solution” or a way to work around or with those challenges?

It can be super cold in the winter -22f (-30c) and dry summers. The greenhouses work well because I get so much sun even in the winter. 

Jeremiah Harris wild Sarracenia Flava

What is your favourite task in the garden/greenhouse?

Pruning, propagating and taking photos. 

What is your least favourite task in the garden/greenhouse?

Dealing with pests. 

Who or what inspires you?

I always try to improve and perfect my growing conditions. All the beautifully grown plants on Facebook and Instagram push me to try new things.  

How many plants do you have approximately?

Probably 15,000 total with around 2,500 different taxa

Thanks for the interview Jeremiah!
Check out his Instagram page.

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