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Interview with Matthew

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Matthew Soper I was born and raised in Southampton which is in Hampshire UK I first became interested in carnivorous plants at the age of seven when I had seen a Venus fly trap on a natural history program a neighbor managed to find one from a florist and that is How I started growing these fascinating plants, which turned into a hobby and then into a business, We have been selling Carnivorous plants now for around 25 years and have put on plant displays at the famous Chelsea Flower Show for 21 years  now and have been awarded 21 Gold medals.

Chelsea Flower Show-Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Chelsea Flower Show-Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Here are two pictures of Matt’s carnivorous plant exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show.

What’s your favorite plant and why?

When I started I would say the Venus fly trap but now for me Sarracenia by far my favorite carnivorous  plants.

What first sparked your interest for carnivores?

Dionaea muscipula the Venus flytrap It moves !!

What’s your best tip for growing carnivores?

My best tip for growing these plants would be patience don’t keep changing compost water regimes light temperature try and let the plants adapt to your conditions if you keep changing things you’ll never find out what you’re doing wrong I’ve seen this so many times with new growers of these plants the plants do need time to adapt and settle into their new environment.

What if you don’t have a green thumb? What’s the hardest carnivorous plant to kill?

Probably Drosera capensis and a Sarracenia hybrid 

What has been your biggest failure/learning experience in your garden/greenhouse?

In the early days not having enough patience !!! I was forever changing fertilizer, compost, light and lost quite a few plants in the process as I’m sure we all have.

What challenges do you face in your specific area/country/climate? And have you found a “solution” or a way to work around or with those challenges?

As a grower now I’m never happy with the weather it’s either too hot too cold too wet or too dry especially just before Chelsea Flower Show!!!

What is your favourite task in the garden/greenhouse?

My favorite task on the nursery itchier are selecting plants for the Chelsea Flower Show

What is your least favourite task in the garden/greenhouse?

Probably cutting back dead Sarracenia pictures in the winter

Who or what inspires you?

Adrian Slack for sure and  the hybridisation of Sarracenia North American pitcher plants which is endless extremely enjoyable 

Matt Soper Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Matthew Soper

How many plants do you have approximately?

We have a few 

Thanks for the interview Matt!
Check out his Instagram page.

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